Please take a moment to review our donation policy and the following disclaimers:

Although Familia Victricis will make every effort to honor the contribution designation of the donor, contributions become the property of the charity, and the charity has the discretion to determine how to best use contributions to carry out its functions and purposes.  Such control of contributions by the charity is required to ensure that they will be used to carry out its exempt functions and purposes, and to ensure donors’ contributions satisfy requirements for tax-deductibility.

By contributing to this fund, donors acknowledge that the charity has full authority to apply contributions designated for this project to other purposes consistent with its apostolate in the event the project is canceled or oversubscribed, or other needs necessitate such action.


Santa Fe County Housing Authority, the current owner of the property, is not party to, nor does it specifically endorse the objectives of Familia Victricis in the purchase of St. Catherine's.  No offer has been made, and at this time no agreement for purchase has been entered upon. 


The purpose of this website is to inform potential partners, donors, and other interested parties of the developing plans in place if, through the intercession of Our Lady and St. Katharine Drexel, the original owner of St. Catherine's whose intent was that it should always serve children in need, God should allow its acquisition by Familia Victricis.  It is through sharing these plans that we hope to raise the funds to put forward an offer for its purchase or to otherwise enact our hopes to serve the needs of the children specified in this website.  Please pray for us, and pray especially for the children we seek to serve!

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!  May God reward you abundantly!

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